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Customer Service & Support

An essential part of our support service is to make sure your homepage is always welcome by our servers hosting capabilities. At Business OnNet, we check the dedicated connections every five minutes in order to identify outages ,and monitor our customer and backbone links.
With each check, we verify that basic connectivity is working and also gather link usage and error statistics. This type of monitoring allows Business OnNet to quickly acknowledge and address any problem with your connection.

In addition you never have to worry about a power outage effecting our servers because we have four (4) hours of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) that is backed by our corporate center diesel generator.

Customers may contact us via e-mail, phone or fax. Our Technical support staff are available from 8AM to 5PM PT, Monday through Friday, to answer specific technical questions for our customers. Our technical support department strives to respond to our customer queries within one business day.

Toll: 949.440.1130 Business OnNet 18800 Delaware St. Suite 650 Huntington Beach CA 92648